New York State does not depend on its sovereign neighbor Canada to solve its problems. It should not ask its other sovereign neighbor, the Seneca Nation, to help balance its budget.

In 1784, the Six Nations and the United States Government signed the Fort Stanwix Treaty, the first treaty recognizing the sovereignty of each nation. Then, in 1842, the Seneca Nation, the U.S. Government, the State of New York, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts signed the Buffalo Creek Compromise Treaty, which prohibits the taxation of business activities on Indian reservations. binary options demo account

The treaties were the documents of transaction whereby millions of acres of land were relinquished in return for the guarantees stated therein: acknowledgement of territorial boundaries and recognition of preexisting sovereign rights.

The United States Constitution calls its treaties “the supreme law of the land.” Yet, the state of New York may now violate the sacred documents it signed with the Seneca Nation more than 200 years ago. how to trade binary options

It is no secret that Albany is struggling with a budget deficit of historic proportions after decades of overspending and resource mismanagement. New York State knows it cannot ask Canada for a bail-out. So it is trying to force us to be part of one. It is irresponsible. It is illegal.

Today, New York State wants to tax petroleum and tobacco products sold on our lands. What will it be tomorrow? When you break a treaty, you break the law. Do not let lawmakers become lawbreakers. Join with us as we fight this unconstitutional infringement on our sovereignty. It is your fight as much as it is our fight. best binary options strategy

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Support the Seneca Nation

The Seneca Nation has supported its neighbors with job creation and business development. We have put our lives on the line, joining your military service to defend our nation and yours. We have been a good neighbor. Please tell your lawmakers to stand with us and uphold the honor of the great people of New York State.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about how lawmakers are becoming lawbreakers. You could be their next victim.

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